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  Contact Athina Today!

  • The opportunity for us to meet and chat is always welcome and encouraged!

  • It is important to share our concerns & vision for positive change in our Ward 3 neighbourhoods and for a new voice at City Hall. 

  • Feel free to contact me either by phone/email/form below.

  • I sincerely look forward to meeting and speaking with you!

Show your support with a 'Vote Athina' Campaign Lawn Sign 

  • It would be great and much appreciated for you to support our TeamAthina2022 campaign with a 'Vote Athina' lawn sign on your property.

  • Please contact us if you would like for a sign to be placed on your front lawn during this election period and for this to be arranged. 

Volunteer with TeamAthina2022

  • If you would like to volunteer in our election campaign for your new voice at City Hall and positive change for Ward 3, you are Welcome to join our team! 

  • Contact us today via phone/email/form below for more info.

  • Volunteer* options include flyer delivery & door knocking/canvassing.

  • Thank you to all TeamAthina2022  members!

        *All high school students who volunteer will earn community volunteer hours.  
            Please bring your community volunteer form from your respective school.



Contact Info & Follow Athina during the

election campaign on facebook & instagram below!

  • Facebook

Thank you! I will reply to your message as soon as possible.  ~Athina

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