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Athina's Platform - Vision & Goals 


Minimize any increase in Property Taxes & City User fees: 

Your money and enjoyment of your property and living in Mississauga are important. 

I will work for a freeze on property taxes & city service & usage fees. 

As well, oppose any attempts for any hidden fees and taxes from being enforced. 

Finally, I will ask for a review of the city budget and work with Mayor, other City Councillors &

City staff to reduce inefficiencies. 

Where possible, I will push for tax cuts.


I believe in openness, fairness and working together and will stand up to corruption/special

interests.  My campaign is funded by grassroots volunteers who want and understand the 

importance of change that is needed - for a new voice at City Council for Ward 3. 

Donations from developers and other special interests groups - and most of whom do not live

in Mississauga - are questionable as well as why any Councillor would accept such funding

for their campaign when the purpose of serving first & foremost are the residents of Ward 3.

I commit to accountability to residents of Ward 3 & prioritize their best interests at all times.


Informing and ensuring residents are informed and updated on City and Regional programs,

events and proposals for change(s) in Ward 3 neighbourhoods and most importantly in

City proposals that would impact all residents.  Receiving community feedback and making

sure that your voice is brought forward to city staff and Council before any changes could

possibly be approved and allow for the voice of the majority of the residents to direct any

proposed plans. Ward 3 residents being updated in a timely manner and correctly informed

is both vital and mandated. 

Infrastructure in our Community: 

City and Regional Proposed changes to be those that do not affect the residents' daily

livelihood and enjoyment of their properties.  For example, in City 's Infrastructure Project

proposals - cycle tracks/lanes to be given greater consideration of where they would be

placed so that they do not pose direct nor indirect safety concerns to residents who already

live on those streets. 

All residents have the right to safety and accessibility.  One group cannot trump nor

jeopardize another and working with the residents who would be impacted is a priority

and necessary in any such project for the most favourable resolution to all. 

Plus, any type of development to not directly impact the daily lives of resident such as in

the Applewood Heights SS's community field redevelopment and great impact to

neighbouring properties and homeowners of light pollution and noise.  Such redevelopment

or 'revitalization' cannot be allowed in Ward 3 at the expense of affecting the daily

livelihood of residents.


Residents need and deserve to feel assured that as a community we are safe and everypossible effort is being

made for this in our homes, on our streets, at our parks & schools. 

I oppose to 'supervised consumption sites' /safe injection locations in Ward 3 and would work towards alternative addiction recovery options.  I commit to working towards this goal of safety and well-being for all

residents at all times and for all Ward 3 neighbourhoods.

Term limits for Mayor and City Councillors: 

Currently, City Councillors are able to retain their seats until they choose to retire if

they continue to be re-elected. This does not serve the best  interests of residents and

questions democratic accountability.  If elected, I commit to ask and push for a 2 consecutive

term limit for the positions of Mayor and City Councillors.











Campaign postcard with more info is viewable by scrolling down to end of this page.

Athina’s Community Engagement & Experience 


Through my community and school involvement over the past 20 years - and in recent years in the

lead role of the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents’ Association (AHHRA) I have been voluntarily advocating for residents’ concerns by: 

- Genuinely making the time and listening to concerns on community issues brought forward by residents 

- Taking action by working towards a solution-based approach of collaboration & win-win for all parties 

- Addressing and following up on concerns by contacting City staff, Region of Peel staff, Peel Police, School Board administrators and staff, media outlets and other agencies to bring attention to the issues brought forward by community members with purpose to resolve the concerns which include: 

- Together with residents brought forward the concern of the rat issue in Applewood area and followed through with connecting impacted residents, emails to Region of Peel and City Staff and Ward Councillor collecting of photos & input from affected residents, keeping residents updated and informed on the status of the issue, scheduling of community meeting in August 2020, connecting with news agencies such as Mississauga News and CBC for coverage. 

CBC Newstory, Oct. 7, 2020:

- Co-presenting at Region of Peel Council meeting requesting for action by Region and following up with emails to Region of Peel staff for a favourable resolution to this major concern (all during the covid pandemic) - The Region of Peel's Rat Control Subsidy Pilot Subsidy program was created to address this regional issue and to help all Region of Peel residents with the cost of dealing with this problem. 

Deputations prepared and made at City of Mississauga Council Meetings & General Committee meetings as well as keeping the members/residents informed on the following community matters: 

- The current Bloor Street Integrated Project & cycle tracks proposed for placement on boulevard of Bloor.

- Petitioning in the area, speaking with and updating residents and advocating for the voice of 85% of the residents on Bloor Street and residents off Bloor who oppose cycle tracks between Dixie & Cawthra.  

- Advocating against the addition of 80-foot-high standards placed in the redevelopment of the community field at Applewood Heights SS and now advocating for decibel and candle usage by city’s by-law office in objectively measuring the noise and light nuisances. 

Mississauga News article, May 2018:

Global News - June 30, 2022

- The redevelopment of the Burnhamthorpe Community’s Centre & great community objection to the removal of the outdoor skating rink known to residents as the Chic Murray outdoor skating rink. - --Attending in-person and virtual community meetings hosted by City staff.  

Connecting with other not-for-profit organizations such as mediation office of Dixie Bloor NC, Neighbourhood Watch and rate-payer groups such as MIRANET, RHA, Applewood Acres and more in sharing of local community issues with them, collaborating on hosting election candidates meeting and representing the Applewood area co-planning with lead AHHRA members and hosting the AHHRA’s Provincial candidate’s meeting for all residents in the Mississauga-East Cooksville area in May 2022.  

Petitioning, taking surveys and requesting for meetings in local community for city proposals so that as many residents as possible are informed which include the placement of speed humps on streets in Applewood area so that as many residents as possible are informed of changes being considered in area & for their input. 

Helping residents’ such as seniors’ requests on matters by connecting with government agencies and representatives by meeting and or phone calls regarding pensions, passport and other similar matters. 

Planning tree transplanting events in the Applewood community at local parks with the City’s ‘One Million Trees’ program since 2020.

Founder, organizer and host of Canada’s National Flag Day Events with the City of Mississauga in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Respecting, Valuing & Addressing all residents' concerns & feedback at all times.


Contact Athina at to discuss my

Experience further & my Commitment to Each & Every Ward 3 Resident

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