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I was born in Greece and came to Canada at the age of 7 with my mother Despina and sister Haroula.  As an immigrant child with a single parent I learnt of the many challenges as well as the strength of unity, empathy and caring for one another from a young age.  Along with this, I also learnt the importance of advocacy.  

Upon completion of my university studies with an English Literature Degree I went to Greece where I taught English as a Second Language for 10 years before returning to Canada.  Having worked as a Greek language interpreter, obtaining a realtor license and worked in residential real estate without any doubt I knew that what I completely enjoyed was/is working with and helping others.

As a parent, my community and school volunteering began in 2001 at my daughters' schools in the Applewood Hills area where once again I spent many hours actively helping out on school parent councils, a school community liaison as well as volunteering at the church community.  Being engaged, helping others, assisting newcomers to Canada integrate in the Canadian culture, connecting people and overall advocating on various levels for residents is something I have always done and continue to do with genuine care which I very much enjoy. 

For the past 13 years I have been working as a Library & Information Technician.  Since 2019, I have been volunteering as one of the lead members of the Applewood Hills & Heights Residents' Association (AHHRA) in Ward 3.  The experience I have gained in this role with the AHHRA, meeting amazing community members and connecting with City of Mississauga staff and other city agencies and services in the role of advocating for residents has given me the incredible opportunity to learn and gain a better understanding of how things work municipally in our community.   

With my involvement and continued sincere interest for the betterment of our community and community engagement,  I made the decision to become a Ward 3 City Councillor candidate for this year's municipal election. 

My career choices and firm belief in the benefits and purpose of volunteering reflect who I am and purpose: helping others, being persistent, honest and direct and following through and taking that extra step to make a positive change where people are valued and supported.  

We need a change in Ward 3 - a new voice who understands, is transparent, honest and takes the time to listen to all Ward 3 residents in addressing any municipal concerns you may have as well as working together in making Ward 3 an even better place to live in.

I may be a first time candidate for this City Councillor position however, my experience to date in various positions along with my proven dedication through my involvement with the AHHRA -  have been invaluable and which support the role of a Ward Councillor.  With the passion for community engagement and advocacy for all, I believe my skills and connecting with residents will serve me well in taking on this role. 

To prove this, I ask that you interview me for the Ward 3 Councillor position. I would be working for you - the residents of Ward 3.  Let us meet and I can address any questions you have and we can discuss how we can make Ward 3 a better place for all.  I look forward to this opportunity. 

You can contact me at your convenience either by phone at 647.679.4535 or  

I am ready to work for you. 

And, ask for your support in voting for me - Athina Tagidou - on October 24th.

As well, advance polls are on Oct. 7, 8, 9th (at the Civic Centre only from 10 am - 4 pm) or

on Oct. 13, 14, 15, 16th at the advance voting locations in Mississauga.  

For any questions you may have, let me know!


On October 24th, Vote for Change.

Vote Athina Tagidou for Your Voice at City Hall 

as your new Mississauga City Councillor in Ward 3!

Meet Athina 

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